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Precision Tree Pruning in the Rockies

Arborists in Fort Collins possess extensive knowledge about the diverse tree species, climate and soil conditions present here, which enables them to offer customized approaches for pruning.

Avoid flush and stub cuts that leave too much of the branch collar intact as this exposes your wound to insects, disease and rot.

1. Tapering Branches

Tapering branches reduces weight and stress on limbs and trunks. Small branches should be pruned back to their collars (swell or rings at their bases where branches join a larger one or trunk), helping prevent bark tears should an unexpected branch drop unexpectedly.

Pruning cuts should always be made close to the collar rather than flush with it to promote quicker wound closure and lessening of risk from fungus and wood decay organisms entering into the trunk.

Precision pruning techniques are key to maintaining healthy and safe trees in Fort Collins. Certified arborists such as Fort Collins tree service – Visit Website – will know all of Fort Collins’ tree regulations inside and out and will ensure all work is performed professionally; additionally they can offer emergency tree services when required.

2. Extending Branches

Tree branches that extend beyond its canopy can be hazardous, increasing the chance of injury or property damage and making it harder to maintain the desired shape. Furthermore, this exposes it to more disease organisms and pests through pruning cuts which leave wounds.

An ISA Certified Arborist can identify and prune extending …

Urban Greenspace and Tree Preservation

Trees enhance and beautify suburban, urban and rural environments alike; in fact, those who cut them down are considered by preservationists as sinful heathens.

Recent studies have identified significant disparities in human exposure to greenspace globally21. While urban greening trends are increasing globally, some humans remain under-exposed.

Identifying Trees

Identification of tree species is vitally important in many circumstances. Whether you’re an amateur naturalist exploring your local environment, a developer planning a development that incorporates existing trees into their plans, or simply an interested citizen; learning how to recognize trees correctly is of vital importance. If you need help with this you can contact a professional tree service like Tallahassee Tree Service (

Existing trees can bring many advantages to developments, from visual appeal and increased property values to improving water, soil and air quality and mitigating temperatures during hot periods. By including tree preservation provisions in zoning ordinances or contracts between developers and home builders, their value can also increase significantly.

An accurate inventory of existing trees is critical in creating development plans that preserve a high percentage of desirable tree species. A qualified arborist evaluates suitability for preservation by considering factors like species, condition, size, location and more. Construction impacts can be reduced using grading and site plans that clearly depict all worthy trees as well as by avoiding activities that might harm them – trenches for utilities, excavations or moving heavy equipment could all damage …